Does Teams Replace SharePoint ?

The simple answer is no. All SharePoint users and developers will tell you that Teams 100% isn’t a replacement for SharePoint, a statement that I agree is true, SharePoint is a fantastic tool, the configuration and customization is incredible which is why it is so popular.

“However, it might replace the decision to implement SharePoint in the first place”

So… hear me out if the question was reworded to:

Does Teams replace “my need to start with” SharePoint?

Then the answer is a yes….. maybe. When we talk to clients about their digital roadmap, there is a scale in which we can measure their digital maturity. Level zero clients typically would be using email for their primary communication, sharing a document would also include emailing a copy, immobile, no automation and no real-time collaboration. Does this sound like you?

Here in New Zealand, we have a very large number of small businesses. 97% of our enterprises have fewer than 20 employees – making a move to SharePoint for most of those businesses just isn’t financially viable, even though the benefit of doing so would reap rewards.


“TEAMS is a step in the right direction”

We can implement a solution that will get value from day 1. Your team becomes mobile, they can easily collaborate, they can source important information that is relevant to their tasks, they can instantly communicate with colleagues – with text chat, calling and video. You can create silos of information that become workspaces that have everything users need without leaving the application. There are limitation of course, decisions need to be made whether you live with those limitations or decide at that point to move to SharePoint and use the full extent of the environment.

We have a number of clients loving Teams, but just like any application it needs careful planning, design and implementation to make it successful, which is where we can help.

To know more about creating a customised teams experience, invite us over for a cup of coffee and we would love to add value to your business.


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