Two things set you apart from your competitors – your people and your processes.  Sometimes you need to look back at how those two can be better utilised so you can:

-Achieve More

-Achieve Better Results

-More Consistently!

We look at your technology and how we can apply new methods of working to bring out the full potential of your team.

Read my favorite article on “Lost time can never be found” about how we try and save time on every task and how it pays dividends in the long run.


Two Methods of Automating Processes using Robotic Process Automation


Assisted Automation

Fully Automated


Triggered in conjunction with human interaction.

Gives flexibility around when automation is triggered.

Ability to run on a case by case scenario.

Reduced user training and consistency of execution.

Average task transaction times can be reduced.


Different scenarios, user preferences and environments

add to the complexity of the automation


Automatically Triggered

Zero user training and consistency of execution.

24/7 Operations, only alerting at a point of failure

Exponential scalability with little cost increase



Requires quite specific and clearly defined process

to eliminate human interaction and failure rate.


This process of re-engineering goes hand in hand with out Business Intelligence work, which we can implement to monitor and keep track of the success of the change and to assist in decision making and identification of areas to improve.  Check out our Business Intelligence Offering.

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