This is an exciting topic, your staff (when well trained and effectively used) are your greatest asset, so we need to help where we can, this is such a broad topic and hugely customisable to your unique needs, but generally covers:

  • Onboarding New Staff Members – Ensure the user is setup on day 1 ready to work and ready to learn.
    • Technical Provision – ensuring hardware is deployed along with correct licenses and Security set.
    • First 10 Days planning – Process and Policy Sharing, confirmation and sign off.  Training of standard applications as well as your primary applications along with digital security awareness.
  • Training and Refresh training of those staff members – whether it be Microsoft Office or your Primary Application you can either leverage our knowledgebase of pre-formatted training, or create your own or go further and host onsite 1-1 training or with a group.
  • Day to Day management of Shift Rosters and Schedules
  • Communication and Collaboration of Teams
  • HR Policy Management
  • Health & Safety Policy Management
  • Payroll in the Cloud

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