Rich Chat Messages

Rich chat messages enable teams to communicate in a modern experience, much like they are used to in personal life - GIF's, Stickers, Emoji's and good old text.

Any Device Anywhere

Being a cloud hosted app, your team can be distributed across the globe and have any device - PC, smartphone, tablet (or even someone else's device) and they can access your companies communication channels easily and securely.

Access to files you need

Your companies documents, or files related to your project are all located here in TEAMS, so you always have them to hand when you need them.

Collaborate in real time - seeing your colleagues making changes at the same time you are working on the same document saves hours of re-work piecing documents together.

Hub of everything you do

Make TEAMS your primary workspace and everything you need is at hand.

Integrate with your other applications to provide streamlined processes and in some cases awesome automation.

Check out our Expert Implementation Service...

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