Digital Strategy vCOO

Your digital strategy is a culmination of all the refinery services, putting into plan and action your business strategy for the future.  Our vCOO (Virtual Chief Operations Office) services help you plan and action that strategy.

Identify your digital activities in your business plan

Your digital strategy should be part of, not separated from your business plan.   We assist our clients build their strategies, not only from a planning perspective but from delivery and implementation too.

Here are some of the ways you can fit digital initiatives into your everyday operations.


  • Moving to cloud-based accounting such as Xero
  • Use an online ordering and payment system, including mobile payments – integrate these with E-Commerce Sites to drive web sales.


  • BYOD – Implement a bring your own device policy to protect data security on personal devices.
  • Create Mobile Apps, to empower staff to be more productive in their jobs.
  • Use cloud-based tools to improve mobility of your staff – people are now looking to be connected Anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Readying your teams for collaborative work with open lines of communication with whatever methods they prefer – texting, chat, voice or video.
  • Make use of digital recruitment.


  • Create and implement a social media strategy.
  • Distribute email marketing (including automated marketing such as e-newsletters).
  • Integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Build a strategy around segmenting your audience and tailoring marketing to their individual needs.
  • Ensure your website is up to date and optimised for Mobile use.
  • SEO – specialist to ensure your website ranks well in Google searches. Measure your website success using tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Use online advertising, including Google local and content advertising.


  • Use cloud-based document management and file management systems.
  • Use a reliable backup process, in a secure, off-site location.
  • Create secure socket layer (SSL) certificates to ensure the security of your online assets.
  • Move to a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution rather than investing in fixed software packages that need to be installed on individual computers.
  • Tailor software to fit the needs of your business.
  • Digitise your processes and move to an automated solution.


  • Build your own mobile application (app) so customers can easily connect with your business or get access to product information in real time.
  • Encourage your customers to buy online and transact via your website instead of faxing, calling or emailing their orders.
  • Include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website, or a support forum where customers can answer their own questions.
  • Promote live web chat so customers can interact with your staff via your website in real time.
  • Use ChatBots to automate communication and respond quicker.
  • Use your social media channels to engage in 2-way discussions with your customers.
  • Ensure that your website has several calls to action encouraging your customers to either sign up for more information, buy from you, give post-purchase feedback, make suggestions about products or services, or connect with you on your social media pages.

Commit to constant innovation

Your digital strategy should, over time, adapt and change with the market and with emerging technologies – the same way your business plan does. Once developed, you should regularly review and update your plan to keep up with your business’s performance and achievement of goals.

Digital solutions are no longer ‘set and forget’ activities. For example, once you’ve invested in a new website, you must continue to update it by adding new content, creating new features, and looking at how it can be more efficient in terms of generating enquiries, leads and sales.

What we can do for you

Refinery has a service called vCOO (Virtual Chief Operations Office) which is a “C” level role in your organisation, but we are here to assist in your business strategy.  Our goals are aligned as your success transfers and ensures our success too.

Our Managed Digital Strategy will ensure you’ve always got a plan to keep yourself one step ahead of the game.

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